Card of the Week: October 18-24 2015 – The Lovers


This week can be an opportune time to celebrate love in your life in all its forms. Whether you are single or partnered, love and/or romance may be coming into your life or blossoming. There may be strong attractions or temptations. However, this may mean making choices or decisions that may affect several people, particularly if you have more than one love interest. Do you let your heart rule your head? Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Choices could also be related to work or other aspects in your life.

This week can also be about union and co-operation. Projects at work requiring people to come together may be more harmonious, blending different styles and personalities. Trials and tests may be overcome. This week may centre on beauty or making things beautiful. Relationships may be more harmonious or need extra loving care and attention.

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