Card of the Week: October 11 – 17 2015 – Knight of Wands Reversed

knightwandsrxpugThis week may have fired energy that lacks direction or the fire may be burning out after charging ahead for a while. The energy may burn to quickly scorching everything or there might not be enough fuel left. This may lead to recklessness, impatience and thoughtlessness that could aggravate situations causing disharmony, disunity or misunderstanding. Tempers may be on a short fuse causing frustration, or things may have been simmering under the surface which could ignite unexpectedly. Instead of being future oriented, it may be time to be in the present moment. Instead of being overly passionate or letting your fire go out, if we focus on the present and take the time to direct our fiery passion wisely or find again what our passions are if we have begun to feel burned out. Unexpected changes may occur. Travel plans or journeys could be cancelled, interrupted or possibly delayed. Patience may be required to stay calm and serene through any disruptions.

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