Card of the Week: October 4 – 10 2015 – Temperance Reversed

cardddaytemperance1This week you may be feeling as if things are out of balance. While Justice deals with the karmic order and laws of balance, Temperance shows us how things may be out of balance in the material or physical world. You may feel like you are working too much, eating or drinking too much, stressed too much, and generally out of balance, pushed and pulled between two extremes. The key is the “Middle Way” as described in Buddhism; to find everything in moderation. You may be feeling you are over compromising in professional or personal relationships. You may feel like people are uncooperative, emotions leading to arguments or disputes.

Routines may be suddenly changed drastically, Temperance reminds us to try to gently adjust to these changes whether imposed on us or initiated by ourselves. You may also be keeping parts of your life separate, refusing to blend the two together into one. This may be personal interests or creativity apart from work or money-making potential. You may start to consider mixing different aspects of your life to create something new.

Take special note of any health concerns, which may be causing you to feel out of balance. If approved by your doctor, homeopathy and holistic treatments may be an effective alternative to treat certain health problems.

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