Card of the Month: October 2015 – Three of Cups


The second month of autumn is beginning! This month is the Three of Cups and suitably so for this month of the last of three harvest festivals on the old calendar. Notice the pumpkin and other harvested vegetables on the card? Ideal for this time of year.

October is all about getting together with friends and family. In Canada, there’s Thanksgiving on October 12 which is a celebrated holiday to get together with friends and family and have traditional foods of the harvest to give thanks. Then there’s Oktoberfest (reminiscent of the three women holding up their cups and dancing) which is celebrated all over the world to get together sing, dance and try different craft beers from various big and small breweries. Could these three women on the Three of Cups be celebrating Oktoberfest too?


This month will be a good time to meet with friends and celebrate accomplishments that have come to fruition over the summer and take stock of what you have “harvested”, ideal for getting together over drinks or coffee and cakes. The Three of Cups emphasises friendship, which becomes even more important through the waning days into the cold winter in which people need to come together to help one another and share warmth, friendship and resources (as shown as the harvest on the card). Parties may fill up your schedule particularly with Thanksgiving, Oktoberfest and Hallowe’en this month, any excuse to get together with friends and celebrate will be a good time (responsibly, of course!)

There may also be a sense of community around you. Since some of us are fortunate to reap our “bounty” of the hard work we have done this summer, however the winter months are approaching. Canada has Thanksgiving in October, while the USA has its in November, it may be an opportune time to make donations to your local food bank to help people through this time so that everyone can have something to eat over the holidays of Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays/Christmas time. The Three of Cups shows community coming together around a harvest and it’s a great time to be able to share this with others who are in need as well.

In regards to romance, the Three of Cups can indicate engagements or weddings – a beautiful time of year with the changing of the leaves of autumn. With regard to new relationships, one could turn into a promising and fulfilling friendship.

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