Card of the Week: September 20 – 26 2015 – Queen of Wands Reversed


Tarot Puggy Girl & The Queen of Wands reversed

You or someone else may be moody unpredictably or unreasonably this week, which these emotions may be directed intentionally or unintentionally towards others. Be aware of criticism either directed towards yourself or others which may be unnecessary, however this may stem from a need that is unfulfilled or a past hurt that is unresolved. Sexual energy may be blocked for any reason, whether it be due to fatigue or poor health or someone being too restrictive with their sexuality. Be cautious about speaking ill of others or those who speak ill about other people.

The Queen of Wands usually is sociable with good intentions to include everyone, however when reversed these intentions come into question that she might be excluding others and pointing out other people’s vulnerabilities. The sociable charisma may be used to boost the esteem, but may leave you or someone else feeling empty and unfulfilled. If the energy of the Queen of Wands reversed makes you feel lacking of positive energy, concentrate of allowing the bright yellow positive energy to emanate into creativity, positivity, passion, and sexual energy to give radiance all around you.

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