Mercury Retrograde: The Anarchy of Technology?

Mercury RetrogradeThe Anarchyof Technology

Note: This post was originally written in 2015. Mercury retrograde for the rest of 2016 is August 30 2016-September 22 2016 and December 19 2016-January 8 2017.

Here we go again, it’s another Mercury retrograde commencing today (September 17 2015). For me, it seems like complete technological anarchy.

During the Mercury retrograde in January 2015, I went through three work computers in a span of 10 days, my phone had hiccups, our home computers crashed frequently, emails weren’t coming through, our computer software at work frequently experienced errors – it was nearly chaos.

So, when Mercury went into retrograde again in May 2015, I had planned to take a week off from work to minimize the impact it would have on me while at work and hopefully to preserve my work computer from certain disaster. The effects of that retrograde weren’t as severe since I stayed close to home and didn’t rely on technology as much as I do when I’m working professionally.

However, this coming September retrograde? No such luck. I have to work throughout the duration of the retrograde. Even during the “shadow period” prior to the actual retrograde, I’m already experiencing the effects of Mercury retrograde.

My brand new laptop (which I made sure not to purchase during the last retrograde) has experienced weird crashing even upon turning it on (it’s Win 8.1, which I didn’t have any problems with it except for the occasional Windows hiccups, but not as bizarre as is common during a retrograde.)

No Where To Hide

As much as I want to hide, unplug everything and white knuckle it like a pending apocalypse is coming, I’m going to have to venture out into the world like everyone else who is unsuspecting or a non-believer in Mercury retrograde.

Many times I’ve wanted to make a comment at work for the explanation of why everyone’s computer is frying around the same time, but I don’t think the analytical IT guys will take me seriously afterwards if I start explaining the mechanics of basic astrology!

TarotPugs Magician

The Magician corresponds with Mercury

The only advice that I can think of is take things slow. As it looks like Mercury has slowed down to a crawl and in reverse, we need to also slow down and retreat (somewhat), and really analyze and backtrack to make sure we’re going in the right direction.

Review / Re-evaluate / Rest / Relax

That means re-reading/proofreading/verifying texts, emails, messages, etc., double-checking everything (such as are you sending it to the intending recipient or is that “joke email” being replied to “All”?), being patient with everything and everyone, and if you don’t get a reply from someone – don’t expect the worst, it’s likely that they didn’t get your message in the first place, so following up with others to just check might be key.

Also, ideal to check to make sure everything’s in working order on a regular basis – don’t leave it to chance if you’re planning a trip in your car and if traveling by other modes of transportation, check to see if the schedules are up-to-date or if there’s been cancellations.

But, have no fear! With a lesson in patience and calmness, we can get through this.

However, I think the stress of it all might age me ever so slightly quicker…

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