Card of the Week: August 23 – 29 2015 – The Fool Reversed

rws fool reversed

Caution should be taken this week to think before you leap or act upon something. Be careful not to make unnecessary risks this week that may prove to be detrimental or haphazard. Although if you carefully contemplate about taking a chance and the odds seem in your favour, you may be a “fool” if you don’t listen to your instincts to set foot on a new path. Weigh all the pros and cons before starting on a new journey. If you’re thinking of quitting a day job to pursue another field, you may need to go over your plans to make sure everything is in order and is feasible or you may end up feeling like a “fool.” You may need to hold off until the “right time.” Now may not be the best time for spontaneity or new beginnings to happen. It may be better to think things through rather than to throw caution to the wind.

One thought on “Card of the Week: August 23 – 29 2015 – The Fool Reversed

  1. OR maybe you are being inhibited and SHOULD act the Fool a bit: try something new and different. The Fool is a student, just learning what works and what doesn’t. Recklessness is always a bad idea, but some “abandon” is a good idea.


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