Oracle Review: Angel Therapy® Cards by Doreen Virtue

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I saw this oracle deck at my local bookstore and had seen other readers using it as well. I decided to give this deck a try and see how it can apply to my readings. I particularly like to use this oracle for card of the day or week as a way of helping me to work things and issues out for the day or week.

The Angel Therapy cards help provoke ideas on how to move forward to find your answers or make progress with your situation, which work ideally when the querent is willing to do the work required to get the results they desire.

Tarot cards also provide the messages in ways of showing how a situation is and by doing further spreads or asking the right questions, you can work out what needs to be done in order to achieve desired results.

The Angel Therapy cards are somewhat more straightforward, requiring little interpretation to understand their message which may be simpler than the esoteric history and multiple interpretations of traditional tarot.

This oracle could be used in addition to a traditional tarot reading after you have worked out the history and factors of a situation and then find out what needs to be done to improve your situation or outcome.

A sort of “do this, to achieve that” no nonsense reading.

angel therapy oracle cards tarotpugs

The cards come with a compact guidebook that fits inside the deck box. The guidebook has a description of the message of the card and a prayer for each card. It’s a nice feature that the guidebooks for Doreen Virtue’s cards fit inside the oracle deck box, so there’s less chance of misplacing the guidebooks also.

The deck is quite spiritual in nature (although not unexpected), blending cards that have messages which include archangels/angels, crystals, power animals, past-life, intuition/mediumship/clairvoyant/lightworker, workshops/seminars, etc.

The cards are nicely coated in a gold colouring along the edges, which seems to be common with Doreen Virtue’s cards (except Indigo Angel Oracle Cards are coated with a silver colouring – quite nice), the coating adds an aesthetic appeal.

However, like all cards that have a metallic coating on the edges, they are a nuisance when you first open the packaging and have to meticulously pry each card from the other without damaging the edges. Once that’s done, they’re fine. My first experiences with cards that have metallic edges, I didn’t realise cards were stuck together. 

As a tip, you could count how many you have after peeling them apart to make sure you have the correct amount in total after separating the cards for the first time. This deck consists of 44 cards.

The cards, in my experience, also work as a reassurance to see if you are on the right path of your spiritual and/or healing workings.

I like using them on a daily basis to have something to focus on for the day or week that will help me continue on my path or to unblock anything hindering me from moving forward like I should, such as clearing chakras or something to meditate on.

Since oracles work differently in tarot in terms of narrowing timelines and dates, the cards work better on issues that you are going through and trying to resolve or heal – thus the appropriate name “Angel Therapy”. When drawing a card that might pinpoint an underlying issue, it may bring up other issues that are unresolved or issues that you might not have even considered and perhaps have thought they were resolved a long time ago.

Angel Therapy Oracle Parents TarotPugs

One card is “Parents” (I don’t know about you, but most people have had an issue or some type of problem with a parent or guardian at some point in their life), and I have drawn this card previously (sometimes in several readings close together).

A card like this could bring fond memories or buried pain that needs to worked on in order to move on, or you may have already dealt with it and are a peace with it.

My only qualm with this card is that the man on the “Parents” card strangely resembles my ex-father-in-law, who also resembles a young Sonny Bono. Maybe it’s just due to the dark hair and moustache. Either way, the imagery on this card (the “Parents”) is my least favourite for that reason only!

tarotpugs lightworker angel therapy cards clairvoyant

Other cards like, “God Box”, “Faeries”, “Goddess” give you direction to release worry, fears and to have faith. Many of Doreen Virtue’s cards have similar messages that remind us that you don’t have to have the struggles and worry of the world on our shoulders, that the Divine is there to help if we only ask. Cards like above, “Earth Angel” and “You are a Powerful Lightworker” provide reassurance about being on a path of service.

I’ve read some reviews that the messages on Doreen Virtue’s cards as very similar and that only the imagery changes slightly.

Although, I agree after a couple or so decks the ideas can be repetitive, it’s the imagery (just like tarot) that is supposed to awaken the subconscious and unconscious and allow a deeper understanding, whether you’re into faeries, archangels, angels, mermaids, or goddesses, there are oracle cards for different interests.

When using these cards, they can open the channels for conversation to start discussing the issues being worked with the cards.

Self-healing requires quite a bit of internal homework in order to see results and the Angel Therapy oracle cards can start the process if that’s what you intend to use them for. If you are skilled in therapy and healing, I can see how cards can help someone to work out the “issues in [their] tissues.”

These cards were one of the first oracle cards that I purchased and my introduction to angel cards. I can see how they can be beneficial to working out problems and promoting healing and growth, which has peaked my interested in Doreen’s certified angel card reader courses.

Although I’m not at a point where I can devote time to such a project, it is on my list of things to accomplish. Perhaps in the near future.

Angel Therapy oracle cards by Doreen Virtue are available at Amazon (affiliate link).

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