Card of the Month: August 2015 – Nine of Pentacles Reversed


This month may be difficult to stay on track with projects and being disciplined. The summer months are coming to an end soon and for some, school may be resuming again in the next few weeks. You may be returning from holidays or heading off for holidays soon and this may be having an effect on your discipline to stay focused and determined to complete and follow through on tasks and projects; things may be started energetically, but may be left unfinished later. The temptation to relax and enjoy the summer weather may be too distracting to remain indoors and committed to work and study. You may not have the self-motivation, self-reliance or initiative to tackle something new. It may be time that you may need to work with these changes in motivation and mood, and take things easy for the next few weeks, but take care of things that are urgent.

After September begins, things may shift into a different gear with the change of seasons and after summer holidays are over. If you are pursuing any studies or have to work during the month of August, stay consistent, but don’t be too harsh on yourself if you feel a lack of determination and discipline. This will likely change with the subconscious conditioning of September and autumn which provokes hard work and preparation for the winter months ahead. For now, we may need a little rest and permission to enjoy the rest of summer.

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