Card of the Week: May 31 – June 6 2015 – Three of Swords

rrws three swords

This week may have some kind of heartbreak or letdown. There may be betrayal that could lead to resentment, loneliness, or heartache. If you are dealing with a break-up, the aftermath of it may hit you even harder this week. In other relationships, more communication may be needed to get to the heart of any matters that are needing to be further clarified and resolved. This may lead to some spoken truths that may be hard to accept, but don’t seek revenge or retaliation. Take time to absorb all that’s been said, heal your wounds that may still be new, and learn to move forward with the insight you have gained from what you have learned from the situation. It’s time to use more logic over emotion in order to make sense of it all.

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