Card of the Month: May 2015 – Five of Wands

rrws five wands

This month may be all about competition, hassles and even minor setbacks. You may encounter circumstances that may be frustrating, which could be caused by or lead to disagreements. You may feel like you need to be competitive in order to be on top, but in order to achieve this, you may also feel like you have to defend yourself and your strategies. Try not to become too defensive and take things personally if feeling persecuted for your efforts.

Aside from work and business, relationships may experience disagreements, although minor and can be worked through if the end result is kept in sight. There may even be ‘playful’ competition between partners: who does more, who makes more, who does this and who does that. However, remain positive in communication and sensitive to each other. It will take extra effort and work to create and maintain harmony and peace when it comes to differences and rivalries. Minor setbacks may become frustrating; for example you may forget your phone one day at home or miss your connecting bus in the morning, or an unexpected expense may set you back a few dollars. However, these instances will work out in the end, and life will continue.

May will be a test of patience, but remember to smile, take everything with a grain of salt, and make the most of what life gives you and at the end of the day, enjoy your free time with those you care about.

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