Card of the Week: March 22 to 28 – The Empress

rrws empress

This week will focus around caring for others, creativity, abundance, and development. If you have children, it will be a good week to do extra circular activities and spend quality time together; or you may becoming close to fulfilling your role as a mother. An ideal week to offer help to friends and neighbours that may need assistance with chores or daily tasks. If you do volunteer work, your efforts and time will be much appreciated this week. This week will be a ideal to show your compassionate side.

In addition to taking time to care for others, you’ll be in the mood to look out for yourself as well. You may find there is an abundance this week that will give you some breathing room to enjoy the finer things in life; have a nice dinner at a fine restaurant, see a show at a theatre, go to a museum or art show, or even see an artistic film. If you are a writer or artist, you may find that ideas will come more easily this week. You will also be able to work on your personal development whether intellectually or spiritually and will see positive results. There will be much required of you to look after and care for others and much to do and enjoy, but remember to keep everything in moderation to avoid wearing yourself thin by the end of the week.

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