Card of the Week: March 15 to March 21 – Queen of Pentacles

rrws queen pents
This week will be all about being down-to-earth, connecting back to your roots, while being supportive of others in their efforts, ventures and tasks. You or someone you know will exhibit the qualities of the Queen, being trustworthy, resourceful, having genuine care for others and their well-being. The Queen sits on her throne and looks down calmly and regally upon everything around her, having a firm but gentle approach on how to guide others to their successes of material or financial gain. You may need to call up your inner royalty to bring forth the attributes of the Queen into your life this week in order to get tasks and errands done, in a controlled manner without being overly invested in them. The Queen has genuine concern in all matters, but remains calm, cool and collected; she knows when her expertise is required.

The Queen will provide assistance to those who are willing to help themselves achieve success. Being reliable and dependable will be important this week, as others may require your input, insight or knowledge in certain fields, whether in personal or work environments.

You’ll take on a realistic viewpoint and will stick to the facts which will help guide your efforts on the right track. You may not have all the answers you need this week, but you will be creative in figuring out where to look to find them.

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