Deck Review: Tarot of the Cat People

My new deck has finally arrived! Tarot of the Cat People is the very first deck that I owned nearly 20 years ago. Back then, I didn’t do much with it because I was still learning, but I had carried that deck around with me on all my travels near and far. A few years ago, I gave away a couple of decks that I was no longer using including (regrettably) Tarot of the Cat People, because I didn’t think I would need this deck again.

When I had found and ordered The Black Cats Tarot from, I was reminded of my first deck. I searched online and found it available at Chapters here. A flood of memories came back to the surface again; like when I first purchased the deck (using my parents’ money) and brought it home, going up to my bedroom to lay out the cards on my bed, fascinated by the imagery and immediately picking my favourite cards out of the deck. I was especially mesmerized by the Death card picturing a skeleton cat walking with a grim reaper. There’s something about it that I found (and still do find) hauntingly beautiful.

Even though the deck is now 30 years old, I was surprised it was still found for sale and my copy from only took two weeks to arrive after ordering it. I ordered a tarot bag to go with it that pictures an Egyptian Cat sewn on the front of a fuchsia satin material that can be found here. (For any US readers, I learned that this deck can be purchased directly from US Games, Inc.)

My new deck arrived in the mail while I was at work, so I had to patiently (but not easily) wait to finish the work day and finally come home to reunite with my old friend. My husband has a traditional habit that even though I purchase the cards myself from online, he insists to be the one to open and hand the cards over to me as a ceremonial “gift”. (Although he does not read tarot, he was schooled in the old myth that one is “not supposed to purchase their own decks.” As you can see, I don’t follow by that rule!) As I watched him open the deck of cards and remove the plastic wrap from the cards, he began to shuffle them for me. He continued to shuffle for some time, then stopped and picked the first card from the top of the deck and showed it to me. The High Priestess. I always have identified myself in a reading by using the High Priestess as my significator. My husband looked at me and asked, “Do you believe that was a coincidence that your card came up first?” I wasn’t sure if he and I were thinking the same thing, but concurred that it was definitely synchronicity and most very likely had meaning behind it. I knew what it meant to me, but I didn’t want him to think I was reading too much into it. He put the card back on the top of the deck and handed it to me. “It’s your deck,” he said. I smiled like a seven year old locked in a candy store, went to set up my dining room table with all my tarot-gear (candles, incense, pendulum and all), and prepared to cleanse my deck to “stamp” my energy onto it and truly make it my own.

I did my daily reading that I normally do for my Twitter account, and was quite pleased with how the cards lay out for interpretation. On my Twitter account, I use the first card of my daily spread, but other cards I use to pertain to myself. The tone of the cards are quite comforting. No matter what the message may be that come from these cards, they truly exude a message of love and faith. I did another reading for myself and the message was right on. The cards have a warm feeling about them; they feel like a part of me, like something that fits you perfectly and you never want to part with it.

The Tarot of the Cat People deck is not only exquisite in its fantasy sort-of way, it tells a story of a people from a place called The Outer Regions. The people of this mystic place have an affinity (of course) with cats. There are people from different areas of The Outer Regions that are linked to the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana (including each of the Four Suits). There is a book that can be purchased with the deck or separately that explains this story in more detail for those interested in Sci-Fi/Fantasy, which can be found at Chapters and Amazon.

As much as I love all pugs (and especially my own pugs), I have always had an affinity towards cats. Cats do their own thing and are uncannily connected to the subconscious and “mysticism”, wouldn’t you say? When working with my cat decks, I align myself with Bastet and ask for Her guidance to get the most out of my intuition and to see what I need to see using my cat decks. This deck really seems to speak in a gentle way, yet cuts right through the illusion or confusion.

Tarot of the Cat People Deck and Egyptian Cat satin tarot bag

Tarot of the Cat People Deck and Egyptian Cat satin tarot bag

Tarot of the Cat People will definitely become a new go-to deck for me. I really feel I have reunited with an old friend that has forgiven me for our long separation. I look forward to working with this deck for many years to come!

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