Card of the Month: March – Six of Cups

Spring is almost here! The Spring Equinox/Ostara arrives on March 20, not only marking the completion of the astrological year; it brings a new season and also to create new memories.

Nostalgia and past memories will be predominant this month. Happier memories of times gone by will bring sentimental feelings. The past will have influence over present situations and past memories will be put into perspective to gain insight into present situations in order to understand how these different views can bring a sense of renewal.

The Six of Cups can also bring pleasant childhood memories and the innocence of that time. Memories of good times will come to mind, reminding us of happier times. There will be a time of feeling goodwill towards others, sharing and offering, even perhaps reconciliation with those from your past.

March will be a playful time. As much as it will bring nostalgic feelings and past memories, the Six of Cups reminds us that we can be happy again. The childlike joy can be lost on the road to maturity and the Six of Cups directs us to reconnect with the playful side of ourselves, and to remember to have more fun.

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